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Q: What is the difference between an online estimate and an “in-person” estimate?

A: An online estimate lives up to its name of being “online”, thus totally remote. An “in-person” estimate is the traditional on-site contractor to customer meeting, with a quote provided on site or soon thereafter.

Q: Can you accurately quote my job online without ever “seeing it” in person?

A: Yes! We have quoted hundreds of jobs online with no issues. Keep in mind, when we are invited to quote a  large scale commercial job, these quotes are done completely remote via email, for VERY large projects, with no photos provided to us. There is nothing for us to see, just a set of prints to work off of. So with that being said, you, the customer, providing us with measurements and a photo of the area, are already miles ahead of the previously stated commercial estimating process. In conclusion, it is VERY easy for us to accurately quote your project online!

Q: What do you need from me (the customer) to provide an online quote?

A: Easy! This will take 5 minutes of your time! We need the following: A photo of the proposed working area(s), Length by Width measurements of the working area, and a description of what you are looking to have done. Here’s a quick example below!

(I need a 20x18 patio, with two steps, and they are 5 foot long steps, or; I need a 15 ft long by 3 ft tall retaining wall)

Q: Can you accurately quote excavation and Landscaping/Retaining walls online?

A: With proper photos, your address, and a good explanation of what you want, Yes! Satellite imaging is a great tool these days!

Q: Can I just do an In-Person estimate instead? What if i am not good with cell phones or computers, or what if I feel like your company really needs to see my project in person?

A: No problem! We do offer in-person estimates with a $75 - $175 consult fee. This fee covers our fuel, time, and time spent designing/drawing anything, as well as working on and sending your quote over to you. This fee is due upon arrival and comes OFF of your final bill if you book with us

Q: Why are you charging for in-person estimates? Why should I pay for an estimate when other companies are doing them for free?

A: We believe the best way to develop a good relationship with the customer from the start is to establish the importance and respect of each other’s time, for everyone involved. To be frank, this fee was implemented after one-too-may events of us driving 30-50+ miles to & from estimates and providing quotes to people that had no intentions of getting any work done. Our time is valuable too, and we are missing enough time with our families as it is.
We hope you understand!




Q: Why is my existing driveway spalling and pitting, especially where I park my car?

A: ANY use of rock salt or ANY ice melt severely jeopardizes the integrity of your concrete. The salt can and will drip off of the undercarriage of your car onto your driveway, or where you park your car at night, and that is all it takes to start the spalling process. Driveways/parking spots/garages should be sealed yearly, and absolutely no salt used on them, ever. For best long term results, you should wash the salt off of them (even if you can’t see it, it’s there) on any warm winter days, much like you would your car.

Q: How often should I seal my concrete?

A: Once a year, or at least every two years is a good practice for standard concrete. If you have stamped concrete, once a year is highly recommended to keep desired “wet” look and prevent discoloration/color fade.

Q: Can I buy Concrete Sealer at Home Depot? Can I just use Thompson’s Water Seal?

A: Absolutely not! You will want to call your local concrete product supplier, or your contractor, and ask them for a good brand name CONCRETE ONLY sealer to use.

Q: Can I seal my own concrete at home?

A: Yes! There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you choose to not pay a contractor for a resealing. It is not a difficult task with the right knowledge and equipment.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can drive my car on my new driveway, or use my new patio?

A: For vehicle traffic, full cure is 28 days for concrete, unless a “High Early” concrete mix is used (i.e. 7 day high early means that the concrete can be driven on at the 7 day mark, as the same can be said for 3 day high early, and 7 hour high early)
For patio use: 2-3 days after completion (depending on temperature) is all you need before you can begin enjoying your patio.

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